Asian Carp:  An Invasive Species Threatening the United States

Thanks for checking out This website was created to bring awareness to the invasion of Asian Carp in US lakes, waterways and fisheries.

There are several types of Asian Carp and we'll highlight four different species of carp on this website.  We'll showcase Grass Carp, Black Carp, Bighead Carp and Silver Carp.  The latter is the most invasive and causes the most trouble.

In addition to discovering a great summary of the four different types of carp, you'll learn about the Asian Carp issues facing our waterways today and see how officials and industry experts are fighting the invasive fish.  You can lean about what is currently being done to solve the Asian Carp problem in the United States.

We also have links to Asian carp resources, Asian Carp news and videos

Asian Carp Tournament
Boatloads of Asian Carp and very tired fisherman tossing them one at a time were the common scene during the second day
of Carp Madness, a two-day fishing tournament at Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley in March 2013. 
Courtesy Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife